How I became a creative entrepreneur - conversation with Laetitia Tomo

It was a great pleasure to sit down with Laetitia to discuss creative entrepreneurship and the journey leading to start a creative business during the pandemic in 2022.

Laetitia Tomo is a creative coach, and former personal stylist. She is the videographer for our video promotional content. I met Laetitia back in summer 2019 during a pop-up shop. And we started working together later that year.  

We had a lot of fun shooting the episode and the following ones of the series. It was my first reel experience in front of the camera. God!!! I was scared, frightened even. I definitely could not have been in better company for a first experience :)


Let discover Laetitia in a few questions.

  • How would you describe yourself in one word?

''Passionate. I have a fire inside of me that just keeps growing more and more.
Passion for me is more so the fact to never give up, whatever happens to you.
And if you really like what you do, you gotta feel again and and again and again, but you're going to get back up again and again. And for me, being passionate is all about it. It's a journey. I love to see that as a journey. Passionate.''


  • What is your superpower?

 ''Superpower. I think it's actually see emotions or detect emotions through words. When I talk to people, it's usually asking a lot of weird questions that nobody can expect.  But it's not about what they say, it's how they say it's.

The feeling behind the words that I kind of detect from the Get Go, and I convey that emotion to what they really want to showcase in the world. So I'm kind of the translator from emotions, words or ideas to life.''


  • What are you passionate about?

 ''Passionate about just creative living the life to the fullest. I know it's fishy to say like that, but more so somebody that actually learned through the hard way who they are, how they are, and not afraid of showing up the way they are.
I love imperfection at that point. It's like showing up no matter what you read it or not. So that's a bit of my passionate side about my other is mostly just creating, drawing. Creating is a part of creating for me. Being in my bubble, coming up with ideas is something that I love. I love it's not.''


  • What cause are you fighting for or would fight for?

 ''Not so much into social causes. But I think what really is important for me is the mental health, because we talk about self-confidence. Self-confidence is not the sake of going through hardships, the weight, you're coming out of those hardships. For me, I think it's really about discovering the fire within you when you get through hardships. Something that is really important because mental health is a part of it.  

If you don't get confident, you can get frustrated, you can get resentful,
you can be stuck at a job that you don't like, you can be stuck with people that you don't want to be with, you can be stuck with anything that you don't want to be a part with just because you made a choice that was not a choice to begin with. It's because you just didn't believe in yourself to start with.
So it's the beginning of just starting delivering in yourself and then choosing the right thing for you. And mental health is confident. The key for the journey rate.''


  • What is the city you would want to be trapped?

 ''It would be the type of city that would give me more of the creative freedom, because anything that has to do with things that are too cookie cutters are boring to me. I expect what you're going to be like. I expect what it's going to feel like. I don't want to expect that. I want to be surprised. I want to be wow.
And for me, Tokyo represents a lot of things that, yes, I know a lot of. But at the same time, they have that crazy fashion sense that nobody can understand.

Sometimes see people being aggressive, in a way. You're just like, what is it ?Where are you coming from with it? And I love it because you're not afraid.
You're not afraid to be who you are, even if you're weird. I love it be weird.
I'm going to love you more for that, actually.''



Join our conversation on YouTube, I hope you will enjoy the video and you will share with us your thoughts on the subject we discussed. 

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