Fall fashion and the latest trends

Fall season is either the continuity of the summer season or the prelude of the chilly winter, depending of where you live. Anyway, there's so much to fall for in our store.

There is some tips to ease the transition between the seasons

  • Get a go-to-piece for fall outwear

It can be a denim jacket or a faux-leather/leather jacket. Pick a jacket that is not too warm in order for easy layering. 

  • Find a nice and solid pair of fall boots

Fall is the time to swap your sandals for boots and booties. They go really well with summer dresses, miniskirts or long skirts. 

  • Layering, layering, layering

Fall is all about layering. Wear your favorite summer dresses with tights and fall booties and your denim jacket. Pair your African maxi skirt with your favorite wool turtleneck top. 

  • Play with prints and patterns

 Fall is great to play with patterns. Do not hesitate to wear your floral or African prints pieces paired with items in denim or leather. 




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