How to find your fashion style - conversation with Christelle Yambo

Christelle Yambo is professional model and personal stylist. We have being working together for almost 4 years now. She acts as a stylist for our different photoshoots. 

It was great sitting with Christelle to discuss fashion and style. You can tell how really passionate she is about everything related to fashion and styling. In this new episode of our conversation series, we talk about the impact of the pandemic on our wellness and fashion style, the link between personal style and self-confidence, how to find your personal style. 


  • How would you describe yourself in one word?

Outgoing, because I'm a people-oriented person. I have the courage, audacity to go to people. It doesn't scare me, don't intimidate me. I go to people, I introduce myself and that's it.

  • What is your superpower?

Talking in front of people. Since I was little I have been this girl who is daring, courageous. The one who is not afraid of people, whether strangers, people in high places. I'm not afraid to speak in front of people. it's my element, it's me, it's my personality.  

  • What are you passionate about?

Fashion first. I like dressing people, dressing myself also advising people. That's what excites me, that's why I'm a model and personal fashion stylist. Movies also because it is an area that is linked to fashion. In the cinema there is not only the role, there is not only the game of camera, there is not just interpretation. It is also about style and fashion. 

  • What cause are you fighting for or would fight for?

 'Violence against women. I think that in the society in which we live there is a lot of violence against women. Whether it's assaults, rapes, domestic violence and I think there's one thing that the government or the authorities fail to emphasize. It is truly healing for these women. so I will defend this cause which is violence against women not only to eradicate them completely because it is a scourge that is in full swing in our society but also to try to help these women who have experienced all these things to heal because what is important after this violence, after these assaults life goes on and these women after all these things have to find a way to live with the trauma. 

  • What is your love language? 

Physical touch and quality time because I like spending time with people I love, feeling them close to me, hugs, I like that.


Join our conversation on YouTube, I hope you will enjoy the video and you will share with us your thoughts on the subjects discussed. 


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