Do colors have an effect on our moods?

We see colors everyday, all around us. Did you know colors have effects on our moods, feelings, and behavior?  According to that article  from Stars Insider, colors have much a greater effect than we might realize. They have an impact in different areas of our life. 

The colors we wear can tell a lot about us! Take a look in your wardrobe. Do you have a particular color that stands out, a color that you prefer over others? 

Let's see what the colors are saying about us!


The color of elegance, seriousness and also the color of power and authority. 

The color black is associated with mystery. We often wear black for formal events. 

We do not forget that black is known as the slimming color in fashion. 



Blue is the color of loyalty, intelligence, efficiency, and trust.

Fun fact! Blue has the tendency to suppress hunger. Can you think of a food that is blue?

People who regularly wear this color are often calm and kind, sometimes shy. 



Love, romance, passion. Red is associated to all that.

Red is sexy, vibrant, energetic. It catches attention. 


Is your favorite color not in the list? Stay tuned for part 2 :) 


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