5 years already!!!!

Many people ask us why Effy Style? What is Effy Style? Who is Effy Style?

Beyond our mission which is to provide you with premium quality ready-to-wear made in Africa, the primary vision of Effy Style is to highlight Africa in all its splendour.

Through the store, I wanted to share my vision of Africa with the world. For me, Africa rhymes with plurality, diversity, uniqueness, richness, beauty, elegance, majesty but also intelligence and know-how.


This vision is underlined in our logo by the multicolored Giraffe head.

What other animal could symbolize this uniqueness of Africa?


This vision is reflected through our creations, and in our day to day operations.  It is very important for me to highlight African and African descent entrepreneurs and creatives. 

This year marks the 5th anniversary of the company. To mark this anniversary, we are going to introduce to you the men and women who enabled us to bring this vision to life.  A new video series will be published on our social media page. The series will highlight the people who have been with us since the beginning, the people who are making Effy Style real to you. 




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