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About us

Groupe Effy Style Inc, is a company founded in Montreal in 2017 that aims to promote African creativity, cultural wealth and know-how through fashion.

Effy Style is a fashion store specialized in the sale of clothes and articles with a tropical inspiration.  We offer a modern, classy yet simple style inspired from several continents and that promotes the mix of cultures.

Effy Style works with creators and designers that love fashion and use brilliantly the wax printed fabric, the African loincloth, and textiles coming from all horizons or simply natural elements, to provide you with exceptional products.

We also offer a platform for creators, mostly (but not exclusively) from Africa and Canada, a portal to demonstrate their creativity and their love for fashion.

Our articles will fit your wardrobe and add some authenticity and extra life to it.

Effy Style offers ready-made clothing and a platform for custom-made creations.

Effy Style is a socially-engaged business. Our products are purchased via a fair-trade supplier network. The majority of them are made in Africa, and it’s our way to offer to these craftsmen and women a path toward empowerment.