We want to thank you for your support!

We love you back and we are going to show how much!

We are introducing a reward program. It is simple: you earn point for different type of your actions:

1. Initial start: 300 points when you create an account on https://effystyle.com/account/register

2. Like on Facebook: 50 points

3. Follow on instagram: 50 points

4. Share on facebook: 50 points

5. Make an order: 5 points for every 1$ spent.

This is valid for any purchase online, or in person for items available online or custom orders if you are registered online. 

6. For your birthday: We celebrate with you and you get 250 points. 

We are working hard to bring you the best. In the upcoming weeks a lot more of products will be added to the collection. We exist because of you and we want to thank you to be part of this journey. 

In the upcoming weeks, we will publish how the points can be spent and the different milestones. 

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