5 ways to be much more body confident 😍

We have come a long as a society when it comes to body positivity.  It is now well understood that we need to listen to our bodies and treat them with respect.

We are sharing some ideas on how to be more body confident:

  • Dress and shop for your body today

Celebrate your body! Choose outfits that will accentuate your assets.  Ignore clothes sizes and pick the garments you are comfortable in. 

  • Get enough rest

Finding a routine that includes enough downtime is good for our body and soul. You can not feel confident if you are too drained. 

  • Dress unapologetically

It is well known that colors, prints lift our mood. Dressing in bright colors make us feel good and confident. Do not hesitate to go bold, loud and to experiment. 

  • Opt for sustainable fashion

Think about it one second! One of the reasons we shop more than we need is because we tend to buy we wish would fit. Go with what feels right, now. 

  • Dress for your character

 Our style should reflect our personality, our strengths, our aspirations. It should be an expression of our individuality.  When you pick outfit that matches who you truly are, you feel more confident. 


Are you planning to try one of those tips? Do you have other tips to share with us? Tell us in the comments section. 

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