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Effy Style is born from the desire to work with talented artisans from Africa.
We wanted to share our african heritage and mostly promote what Africa is also about.  Beauty, Diversity, Elegance, Pride, Confidence, Uniqueness and Vibrancy, is what we portrays through eye-catching, contemporary fashion styles.

We offer high quality, and ethically made African inspired fashion that can be worn casually, to the office, for a night-out, for formal events or even just to stay home.  We believe in being your own kind of beautiful. We want to give you a shopping experience that excites you, makes you feel good and confident.

So we are so pleased to present our new collection 'Edena'. 

The last few months have been difficult but we have to look ahead.  Hope, Optimism is what we want to share through this new collection.  Delicate colors, authentic prints, bold mix of materials, this is how the "Edena" collection describes itself. The new collection presents clothes that are versatile and elegant but also simple and comfortable. You will find the perfect pieces to rock while working from home. And some others that you will be happy to wear when going out. 

Hope you will like it! 



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